I’ve worked ahead of the curve on major shifts in technology (context aware computing and the Internet of Things), spatial design (smart spaces, smart cities) and customer experience (digital/physical value propositions).



Rakhi is one of the most forward thinking leaders in product development globally...Excelling in both vision and strategy.

Paul Thorogood, Chief Product Officer, Crane

I'm usually tasked with messy questions

Those that require the creation of multi-disciplinary teams and a big dose of creative thinking

We want to set up a foresight team, who do we need, how does it work, what do we do?
We need to join the dots between channels, how do we re-prioritise?
What mindset do our customers now come to us with & how do we influence behaviours?
We want kids to read more how do we engage them in storytelling?
What shifts in society, economy, technology will impact us in the next 20 years?
We want to enter a new market, with a new product in a new category. What now?
How do we mobilise 8,000 staff to think & act the way customers now expect them to?
We are no longer the leaders in our category, where is the white space for us?
How does a person’s knowledge & belief affect brand engagement?

Supercard by Travelex

Free yourself from bank card roaming charges. Use Supercard MasterCard® to spend abroad like you do in the UK

A new credit card product that combined all of your cards into one card, enabling roaming free transactions around the world.

Our initial card was the first vertical credit card.

Travelex WIRE

Customer driven money transfer service

Super simple way to transfer money around the world.

Travelex Money App

The easy way to order money on your phone

Taking foreign currency ordering to your mobile phone.

MOO, New Product Lines

Square Business Cards, Letterheads, Flyers, New LUX Colours

Images by moo.com

Rakhi is a powerful, thoroughly pragmatic, highly creative management resource — from global strategy to actual implementation.

Clark Dodsworth, Director, Strategy & Product Development, SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment