• United States Patent No: 8,150,942 – Conveying access to digital content using a physical token

  • United States Patent Pending No. 20060136292 – Collection of data associated with an advertisement

  • International Patent Pending No. PCT/US2004/033083 - Active images



Visiting lecturer at

Finding your leadership Style. Ladies that UX (2016)

Keynote panel: The focus for creating Contextual Customer Experiences. Tech Expo (2016)

Women in Innovation - driving growth through gender diversity. Women in Innovation networking event (2016)

Panel: The Elephant In The Room: Making Mobile Fit For Business. Open Mobile Summit, London (2016)

Digital Innovation in Travel. Future thinking in Digital Marketing as part of London Technology Week (2016)

Panel: Consumer Shopping Trends. Retail Innovation. unBound London (2015)

Trends in retail and new rules for engagement. Keynote speech at Hong Kong Knowledge of Design Week (2014)

Trends in hospitality fuelled by the sharing economy. Keynote speech at Hong Kong Knowledge of Design Week (2014)

Changing Behaviour in Places. Invited talk at Central Saint Martins, November 8 2012, London (2012)

Cognition in Space. Invited CPD Talk at Stanton Williams Architects & The Bartlett School of Architecture, London (2012)

The Psychology of Communication. Invited Master Class at the School of Communication Arts, February 07 2012, London (2012)

Creative Research for the Creative Industries. Invited talk at the Market Research Society, January 23 2012, London (2012)

Cross Cultural Dialogues – The Speaker vs the Listener. Invited talk at the Narrative in Practice Symposium, London (2011)

An invitation to interact – embedding engagement cues into objects and space. Invited talk at the Pervasive Media Studio (2011)

Social Research and Design. Doors of Perception 8, Delhi (2005)

Programme Chair. Designing for User Experience (DUX2005), San Francisco (2005)




Welcome to the Un-Hotel: Experiencing the world through someone else's home. Harpers Bazaar Interiors 2014

‘International Intelligence’ Column in Harper’s Bazaar Interiors Arabia (ongoing). Reporting on trends in interior and spatial design experiences 


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