(CPsychol, FRSA, CMRS)

Omnichannel Product & Experience Executive

My role is that of Chief Customer Officer or Chief Product Officer in organisations wanting to differentiate by putting the customer at the centre of everything they do.

I'm a psychologist and strategist. I spend much of my time observing how people behave, monitoring the world for patterns and then creating commercially successful products, services and experiences customers love - infused with simplicity and moments of delight. 

I’ve created award winning products and identified new commercial opportunities for businesses spanning travel, hospitality, retail, fintech, digital health and luxury. 

I'm also the founder of: in-the-bag.org


Rakhi is a powerful, thoroughly pragmatic, highly creative management resource — from global strategy to actual implementation.

I keenly recommend Rakhi for her executive talent, impeccable sense of taste, focus on execution, and for spotting trends that change the industry.

Bernardo Huberman, Senior Fellow & Director, Hewlett Packard

Rakhi is one of the most forward thinking leaders in product development globally...Excelling in both vision and strategy.

Paul Thorogood, Director of Industrial Design, Teespring


I lead global product strategy projects from discovery to delivery, working extensively in developed and emerging markets, in large public companies and niche start-ups, whilst building multi-disciplinary teams of Product Managers, Researchers, Designers, Content Strategists, Prototypers and Engineers.


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Rakhi is one of the most consumer centric, imaginative and creative people I know.

- Gavin Flynn, SVP Partnerships, Planning & Delivery, Intercontinental Hotels Group


I’ve worked ahead of the curve on major shifts in digital technology (context aware computing and the Internet of Things), spatial design (technology enabled retail and hospitality) and customer experience (new customer journey propositions that span digital and physical).



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MOO, New Product Lines

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you need to craft the right question to create a timely, 

appropriate, and sometimes challenging solution

I dig deeper and craft questions that lead to tangible solutions

How do we put the customer at the center of our decision making & roadmap?
We need to join the dots between channels, how do we re-prioritise?
What mindset do our customers now come to us with & how do we influence behaviours?
What services should we create to engage customers at every point in their travels?
What shifts in society, economy, technology will impact us in the next 20 years?
We want to enter a new market, with a new product in a new category. What now?
How do we mobilise 8,000 staff to think & act the way customers now expect them to?
We are no longer the leaders in our category, where is the white space for us?
How does a person’s knowledge & belief affect brand engagement?