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Rakhi Rajani

(CPsychol, FRSA, CMRS)

Innovation and Futures Executive

I create interdisciplinary R&D, Innovation and Skunkworks teams and labs for organisations that want to experiment, think forward and invent the future.

I sit at the intersection of psychology, emerging technology and design and spend much of my time observing how people behave, monitoring the world for weak signals, patterns and drivers of change and then creating normative or exploratory futures that generate new products, services, businesses and experiences. 

Topics I care about include: Interplanetary mobility (life in space), Innovation for humanity (creating solutions for human problems, enabled by technology), Behavioural change (changing behaviour through design).

I’ve created award winning products and identified new commercial opportunities for businesses spanning travel, hospitality, retail, fintech, digital health and luxury. 

I'm the founder of: in-the-bag and a trustee of Motionhouse


I keenly recommend Rakhi for her executive talent, impeccable sense of taste, focus on execution, and for spotting trends that change the industry.

Bernardo Huberman, Fellow and VP, CableLabs + Professor at Stanford University


I lead global innovation, futures and product strategy projects from discovery to delivery, working extensively in developed and emerging markets, in large public companies and niche start-ups, whilst building multi-disciplinary teams of, for instance, Social Scientists, Engineers, Subject Matter Specialists, Researchers, Artists, Designers, Writers and Strategists. 


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Rakhi is one of the most consumer centric, imaginative and creative people I know.

- Gavin Flynn, SVP Commercial Strategy, Intercontinental Hotels Group