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Rakhi Rajani

(CPsychol, FRSA)

Space. Intelligence. Foresight.

Rakhi works at the intersection of psychology, emerging technology and design.

She creates interdisciplinary R&D, Innovation and Skunkworks teams and labs for organisations that want to experiment, think forward and invent the future. She is also an advocate for women in STEM, actively working to acknowledge the role diversity (of thinking, gender, race etc) plays in challenging the systems of today in order to shape tomorrow - with collective intelligence that only occurs at the intersections.

Rakhi has extensive experience observing how people behave, monitoring the world for weak signals, patterns and drivers of change, subsequently creating normative or exploratory futures that lead to innovation in new products, services, business models and experiences.

Areas of expertise include: Interplanetary civilisation, innovation for humanity, and behavioural change by design.

She’s most focused on the interdisciplinary pieces of the puzzle required to create a civilisation (from scratch) between planets – with diversity at the core.

Rakhi is the founder of: in-the-bag and a trustee of Motionhouse


I keenly recommend Rakhi for her executive talent, impeccable sense of taste, focus on execution, and for spotting trends that change the industry.

Bernardo Huberman, Fellow and VP of Next-Gen Systems, CableLabs + Professor at Stanford University